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We are a design and build property development company with many years of experience across commercial, industrial, and residential sectors and an enviable track record for delivering quality both on time and on budget.

Structural Development

Our experienced construction team will investigate the stability, strength, and rigidity of any structure to be built or plan for a structure to be added on based upon the physical requirements of the building and a vast understanding of the structural performance, the material, and the geometries used in the building of such structure.

With the structural development the objective is to ensure that a building has an efficient structural system capable of resisting specific strains and loads without failing or collapsing ensuring that your investment meets all necessary structural standards and can last for years to come.

This will ensure that the architectural design of a building is using the most suitable proportions, details and dimensions for the structural elements and connections.

Our team will ensure a solid structural development and architecture design that will suit your individual need while remaining practical and structurally sound.


Teragato have been building for us for the last 12 years

They are reliable and do good work.I have no hesitation in recommending them to do building or alteration work.